TikTok Has Helped Gen Z Escape the Loneliness of Heartbreak

With the vast presence of social media, our personal lives become more public than ever. You may have seen many videos of people crying over breakups that have gone viral on TikTok come up on your own for you page.

It's definitely a generational thing. While for Gen Z posting this type of content is a way of releasing emotion, grieving, and even making it known that this experience is shared - older generations may question it. Mental health rates of Gen Z are significantly lower - but their levels of empathy are higher.

Several mental health professionals have stepped forward to speak to Yahoo on the topic, sharing that this form of grief may actually be helpful. Think of how many times you've heard something along the lines of "You should talk to someone about it, don't keep it bottled up".

The article from Yahoo Life is a really great read. If you're more interested on the topic, read it here.

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