The Most Popular Tattoos in America

Tattoos are a form of self expression, although totally a personal preference! It's funny to use the word "personal" when there is a specific design or style that is the most popular across America... a butterfly tattoo!

Singulart compiled a list of the most popular tattoos by using Internet search data, learning that roughly 201,000 people search for butterfly tattoos every month across the USA!

Rose tattoos come in at second followed closely by flower tattoos (excluding roses of course) in fourth. These both can be very versatile in color, style, size, etc. So what's in third? Dragon tattoos! Certainly not what I would have expected!

The rest of the top twelve are a mix of objects and styles: snake, traditional, lion, matching, skull, tribal, minimalist, moon. Singulart also notes that the least popular are star sign, musical notes, Disney character, and pet tattoos.

Analyzing this list, I check a few boxes for the most popular designs myself, and even unpopular ones! I have: two rose tattoos done in different styles, a matching tattoo, two skull tattoos (but they're not human! they're the Jacksonville Jaguars logo as a skull and a T-Rex skull), several varying minimalist tattoos, and my very first tattoo was a music note!

If you want to find out more, check out Singulart! They also include the most popular tattoos in the UK so you can compare!

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