When is the Best Time to Visit Disney World?

Although Disney World is open year-round, that doesn't automatically mean that any time is the best time to go.

Disney Adults, if you want to avoid crowds of children, plan your trip for September! School has just started so families opt to go during the school year after they've adjusted to their classes.

However, keep in mind that Florida's hurricane season begins mid-August through mid-October. Personally, if you're traveling from outside of Florida I would recommend waiting. If you're close enough to drive, that risk is up to you! It's a lot easier to reschedule days of attendance than flights.

If you are traveling, January and February are your best options. After hurricane season and the winter holidays, plus the park’s cheapest ticket prices of the year. Not to mention we see a a decrease in the cost of flights following the holiday travel season. On a personal note, Floridians can't handle the cold.

If nice weather is important to you, March through May has the best climate, but you'll be facing higher prices and larger crowds.

What time of year would you go?

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