2022's Best Places for Halloween & More Spooky Stats!

WalletHub was kind enough to share their 2022 Best Places for Halloween and Spooky Stats for 2022 findings! Check out the top 10 best cities for Halloween in WalletHub's video below!

Now that you know the best, find the rest of the top 100 here. (Spoiler alert: Jax is 80!) Including the key metrics used to support their findings!

Some Spooky Stats for 2022 include:

  • $3.1 Billion will be spent on Halloween candy
  • 86% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kids
  • 72% of Americans say they would consider purchasing a haunted house to live in (but less than half would pay full market value for it)

Find out more with the amazing infographic that WalletHub put together!

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