62 Are In The Running For The First "Songwriter of the Year" Grammy Award

The 2023 Grammys will include the first "Songwriter of the Year" Award and there are currently 62 potential nominees.

Evan Bogart, a Grammy winning songwriter and on the chair of the Academy, explains that the award... "honors the people whose job is to write songs for others. It’s for the ones who can say, ‘Hey, I’m not performing at the Grammys; I’m not on the cover of Rolling Stone and you’re not going to know my name -but you’re singing my melodies and lyrics.’”

Some songwriters have come out and been their own artist, such as Julia Michaels, but to be eligible for consideration they "must have written at least five songs on which they did not perform or produce". Some songwriters have also been producers, and to give them a shot at the producer award a similar rule applies.

While you may not know their names, try to remember that without them you wouldn't have some of your favorite songs! Artists they have written for include Beyoncé, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Marren Morris, and Blake Shelton.

The official Grammy Nominations will be announced on November 15th after Academy voting ends.

Find out more on this new category at Variety.

Here are the 62 potential nominees:

  • Sarah Aarons
  • Andy Albert
  • Amy Allen
  • Denisia “Blu June” Andrews and Brittany “Chi” Coney of Nova Wav
  • Edgar Barrera
  • Evan Kidd Bogart
  • Nija Charles
  • Desmond Child
  • Lauren Christy
  • Steve Cooper
  • Kat Dahlia
  • Sean Douglas
  • Tom Douglas
  • Ed Miranti
  • James Fauntleroy
  • Omer Fedi
  • Douglas Ford
  • James Aaron Foster
  • Edgar Galcano
  • Adam Garzilli
  • Natalie Nicole Gilbert
  • Andrew Goldstein
  • Ashley Gorley
  • Michael Wilson Hardy
  • Joyce V Harrison
  • Scott Harris
  • Natalie Hemby
  • Cory Henry
  • Jacob “Jkash” Hindlin
  • Sarah Hudson
  • Ethan Hulse
  • Ryan Hurd
  • Jason Ingram
  • Ink
  • Tobias Jesso Jr.
  • Steph Jones
  • Jozzy
  • David Leonard
  • Hillary Lindsey
  • Natalie Litza
  • Marcus Lomax
  • Madison Love
  • Shane Mc Anally
  • Chase Mcgill
  • Julia Michaels
  • Kayla Morrison
  • Michael Pollack
  • Elena Rose
  • Tia Scola
  • Shekinah Grace Moyes
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Skyler Stonestreet
  • Ali Tamposi
  • The-Dream
  • Theron Thomas
  • Jake Torrey
  • Justin Tranter
  • Laura Veltz
  • Billy Walsh
  • Betsy Walter
  • Emily Warren
  • Victoria “Ryann” Zaro

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