The "WTF is up Denny's?" Meme Lives On

2018's viral meme "wtf is up Denny's?" we all know and love, actually originated in 2013 when a band called Live Without played in an abandoned Denny's - dubbing the show "The Grand Slam"

The meme was revived in 2019 when a band called WACKO played at an actual functioning Denny's. Bryson Del Valle, a 17-year-old from California, organized the whole thing - literally doing it for the meme. You can read an interview Bryson had with Thrillist here!

Finally, over this weekend California pop-punk artist Games We Play, aka Emmyn Callerio, performed his first-ever live show at a Denny’s in Hollywood, whilst filming a music video for his song "Get A Job".

None other than Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy was in attendance! Emmyn's music going viral on TikTok actually led him to sign a label deal to DCD2 Records, an independent label owned by Pete Wentz!

A little tidbit of info that some of y'all may not know... Emmyn's wife is Dani Cimorelli (now Calleiro), the youngest of the Cimorelli sisters singing group that has been on YouTube for more than ten years! It's a blast from the past for me.

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