27 New Florida Laws Take Effect This Weekend

27 new Florida laws go into effect this Saturday, October 1st. Here's a few...

The main focus is a temporary gas tax break, limited to the month of October, eliminating the state's 25.3-cents-a-gallon gas tax. Gov. Ron DeSantis says this "tax holiday" will hopefully help offset rising fuel prices and inflation. October was the opted month for this tax break because fewer tourists are in Florida vs other months, so the lost tax revenue is not as high as it could have been.

Another law coming into effect will increase prison terms for trafficking fentanyl, as well as making it a first degree felony for dealers when methamphetamines result in death.

Sorry to all you car guys - the law barring drag racing now includes stunt-driving that blocks traffic on roads and in parking lots, such as: doing doughnuts, drifting, burnouts, and wheelies.

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