Eating Citrus in the Sun is Bad for Your Skin?!

Who knew that eating citrus in the sun is bad for your skin?!

Certain foods "contain furocoumarins, an organic chemical compound that can make skin more sensitive to the sun and worsen the effects of sunburn." The effects of this is called phytophotodermatitis and it can happen from simply spilling one of these foods on yourself before sun exposure!

Citrus fruits are the main villain - limes and oranges especially. So next time you're squeezing a lime into your cocktail or beer, make sure any juice that gets splashed on you is washed off properly before going out into the sun! Same goes for kids that are constantly spilling juice on themselves.

Other foods include: carrots, celery, and figs. You can find out what else is on the list and more about preventing and treating phytophotodermatitis here!

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