Ariana Grande is Long-Time Friends with Paparazzi

Paparazzi are portrayed as a nuisance to most celebrities, but in recent years it's come to light that celebrities and their publicists sometimes work with some paparazzi. There's even some TikTok accounts dedicated to determining whether a photo was authentic or staged.

In the beginning of Ariana Grande's fame, she was approached by Cesar and they ultimately became friends! Working with each other to get good photos of her out there! Cesar shares the story with the ONE37pm podcast.

The full interview is on their YouTube channel!

Fun fact, sometimes if a celebrity noticed paparazzi and doesn't want to be photographed at that time, they give them a middle finger. Not because they're actually telling them to f-off, but because they ruin the 'value' of the picture, making them harder to sell to publications. Jennifer Lawrence does this A LOT!

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