Is Yung Gravy Really Dating Addison Rae's Mom?

Yung Gravy brought Addison Rae's mom, Sheri Easterling, as his date to the 2022 MTV VMAs. Sharing a kiss on the red carpet.

Yes yes, this was already covered by iHeartRadio National in an article, mentioning how Yung Gravy and Sheri met and the ongoing feud between Monty Lopez, Sheri's ex... but I'd like to add to it!

Fans wanna know if this is all real or a publicity stunt. Sheri and Yung Gravy have been flirting through TikToks for a couple of months now, he brought her as his date, and they shared a kiss on the red carpet. But what about behind the scenes?

A TikTok user watching the VMAs caught a glimpse of Sheri and Yung Gravy sharing a kiss while in the audience during Nicki Minaj's speech! If you ask me, they weren't doing it for the camera...

Of course there's no way to know for certain, but my take on it is that this is a real thing!

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