Avril Lavigne is Teaming up with Alternative Fashion Brand 'Killstar'

Avril Lavigne is collaborating with UK-based alternative brand Killstar for a line of skull-inspired fashion! Sound a little bit like Abbey Dawn? (Avril's clothing line featured exclusively in Kohl's stores in 2008.)

Avril Lavigne tells Rolling Stone, “I like Killstar’s clothing because it is punk and edgy but feminine at the same time. They took my creative vision and brought it to life with tangible pieces which are so cool. The collection is definitely my vibe of things I would wear.”

The Avril Lavigne by Killstar collection ranges from $14.99 to $59.99, and from XS to 4XL. The collection will be available to shop on killstar.com starting August 24

Middle school me always coveted Avril Lavigne's wardrobe, which is why I was so happy that Abbey Dawn existed. Now as an adult, all of us middle school regressors get to do it all over again with Killstar!

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