What If Miley Cyrus Wasn't Hannah Montana?

When it came to casting who would play Hannah Montana it came down to three contenders: Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen, and Daniella Monet.

Having "Hannah" live a double life was always in the cards, except instead of Miley it was supposed to be "Chloe Stewart". Of course that name was changed when Miley got the role!

Lisa London, the casting director for 'Hannah Montana' shares this information on TikTok!

If Daniella Monet or Taylor Momsen had been cast, we wouldn't have Trina Vega on 'Victorious' or Jenny Humphrey on 'Gossip Girl'!

Not to mention, Taylor Momsen is an absolute rock star now! Literally, in a rock band called 'The Pretty Reckless' Definitely couldn't imagine her as the teen pop sensation Hannah Montana. Remember this absolute banger from 8 years ago?

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