Wells Adams Mixed Up Sarah Hyland for Vanessa Hudgens!

Wells Adams is the best guy to come from The Bachelor franchise! He is engaged to actress Sarah Hyland, best known for Modern Family. So you think he'd know who his partner is from a mile away, right? Wrong. Because he mixed Sarah up for none other than High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens right next to him!

Wells and Sarah sit down to tell the story to Chicks in the Office on TikTok.

Hearing it, I can see how the mistake was made... especially in the presence of Paul Rudd!

Fun fact about Wells Adams... before he was on The Bachelor, he was a DJ for iHeartRadio Nashville's 105.9 The Rock and 107.5 The River! If you click the links you can still see the articles he wrote from 2019 and before!

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