Avril Lavigne Addresses the Replacement Conspiracy Theory

There is an ongoing conspiracy theory since it surfaced the internet in 2011 that Avril Lavigne died in 2003 and was replaced by her body double, Melissa. I remember reading all about this over the years, with the rumor resurfacing almost every time Avril has the spotlight.

I remember seeing posts comparing Avril Lavigne post and prior to 2003, pointing out differences in facial features, how she speaks, and how she sings. With even more "evidence" from the original blog post.
I've never seen a singer change her style of singing, writing, dressing and behaving as much as Avril Lavigne did, and everyone was talking about it at the time. Everyone was talking about the sudden and radical change in Avril's style and personality! It wasn't just the style or the way of dressing that changed. Her style is different, her musicality is different, the lyrics follow another line, in short, she is “someone else.”

If you wanna look more into it, literally just Google it and you will be sent down a rabbit hole of information to be lost in for hours!

I think this is her attempt at squashing the rumors. So, do we think Avril was replaced by Melissa? Or do we think she just changed at 19 years old, as any person might?

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