More Stores Coming to Atlantic North Shopping Center

The Jacksonville Daily Record released what stores are coming to the Atlantic North shopping center, right off of Atlantic & Kernan near the new Cinemark. In addition to the Whataburger that is almost done being built, we're getting a drive-thru only Chick-fil-A and a Chipotle!

Even though there is already a Chick-fil-A a mile up the road, I think this is a good addition. Leaving that parking lot off of Joeandy can be dangerous! And I just can't wait to have a Chipotle closer to home.

GNC is also planned to be right next to Chipotle, honestly a good spot considering LA Fitness is right there too.

The city is reviewing permits for an AutoNation and a Tesla Service Center. We don't need another car dealership on Atlantic... so fingers crossed this one doesn't go through.

The rumor that another Starbucks will be added remains a rumor.

There are at least six available spaces. What would you like to see added?

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