This Charlie Puth Song Isn't Even in His Discography!

Before Charlie Puth was a worldwide singing phenomenon, he was a YouTuber! Yep, just like Justin Bieber he got his start by posting covers and originals... but unlike Justin, many of Charlie's songs were comedic!

Unfortunately, all of his old videos are private now. So none can be viewed on his original YouTube channel. But you know what they say about the internet... once it's there, it's there forever!

One song in particular that I remember (and by remember I mean I still have the whole thing memorized) is 'Haters Follow Me Like Twitter'.

Since the original video was taken down and it's not in Charlie's official discography, there's no time-stamped upload date (technically it's considered "unreleased"). Even though you can't listen to it on Spotify, it's there and has the year 2011, but that's about as much information I could find.

Apparently, Charlie Puth held a music video contest for it because there are a ton of submissions from 10 years ago where you can hear the original track. I personally first heard 'Haters Follow Me Like Twitter' because Jc Caylen made one! But if you want to see the "original" video of Charlie Puth, it was reuploaded onto a fan account. Watch below!

Did you know this existed? I can't help but to think about how many other Charlie Puth songs like this exist, that we can't see!

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