Maya Henry Responds to Bryce Hall Wanting to Fight Liam Payne

Holy moly has Liam Payne dug himself a deep hole...

First, he cheated on his fianceé, Maya Henry, literally less than two weeks ago... and she found out from fans tagging her in a picture of Liam with a girl that everyone assumed to be her.

& Now he's facing some serious backlash after appearing on Logan Paul's "IMPAULSIVE" podcast on May 31st & dragging the members of One Direction, amongst other things that should've been left unsaid.

Not only are fans not happy with what he said, but a few well-known celebrities. Bryce Hall took to Twitter, stating he is ..."down to fight Liam Payne".

Bryce Hall also shared this message to TikTok. & Guess who heard about it? Maya Henry. She throws shade, but it's loud and clear whose team she's on.

Bryce Hall stitched the TikTok himself saying, "I guess this is happening.".

I have to throw this one in here... if you were an OG fan, you know. Cher Lloyd was on X Factor alongside One Direction, & has remained longtime friends with them, but even she can't believe some of the things Liam had to say on "IMPAULSIVE".

I'm sorry to all the Liam girls. (Niall girl forever, he's an unproblematic king)

If you haven't yet seen Liam Payne on "IMPAULSIVE", I'll link in below. But warning, it's blood boiling.

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