Happy Pride Month! Listen to Your Favorite LGBTQ+ Artists!

Happy Pride Month! Just sharing a few of my favorite LGBTQ+ artists to celebrate!

Troye Sivan - I was actually a fan of Troye back in his YouTube days & met him in 2013! & For that reason, I'm throwing it back to 'YOUTH'!

Frank Ocean - oh to be back on Tumblr. Frank Ocean doesn't miss!

Hayley Kiyoko - an absolute badass to say the least. Hayley's new music video for 'For The Girls' revealed that she has been in a relationship with Becca, who was a Bachelor contestant!

Sam Smith - what can I say? They have the voice of an angel.

Phoebe Bridgers - Do I even need to say anything? I'm obsessed with her voice.

Clearly I left out a lot of people, but you can listen to them & more on iHeart Radio's Pride Radio!

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