Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

I've been told that I'm a good gift giver, and it's my fiancé's birthday tomorrow so I'm gonna let you know what I got him! Maybe you'll get a few ideas from it!

White Slip On Vans - I pay attention, while we were watching Squid Games months ago he said he wanted shoes like them!

Beard Bib - Because he needs to trim his beard, but hates cleaning up his mess.

Brümate Toddy XL - This was a last-minute gift because he mentioned only having one cup that he likes to carry to work, but really needs two for coffee and water. Plus, we love the Brümate brand!

Steering Wheel Cover - Idk about y'all, but the steering wheel gets too hot for my hands in FL! And he doesn't have one for his new car, so I figured why not!

Car Air Freshener - I specifically bought the "aftershave" smell, but it's basically very minty/mentholly. That new car smell is going away!

Mini Fridge - "Can you get me another beer?" Need I say more... now they're practically at his fingertips.

Ice Maker - Ok ok, it's not nugget ice, but our refrigerator ice maker is unfixable and he's the only one in the house that complains about it.

Post Malone Funko Pop - He LOVES Post Malone, so I got him the third Funko Pop in the series!

"One Right Now" Tee Shirt - Like I said, he LOVES Post Malone, but he also loves The Weeknd! They came out with a ton of designs for "One Right Now", so I actually let him pick this one out!

I did spend more than I normally would because for my birthday this year he took me to Disney World AND PROPOSED!

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