Jacksonville Jaguars Score Big in Round One of the NFL Draft

Round one of the NFL Draft was last night (Thursday 4/28) & while I was at the Jax River Jams, I was still keeping tabs on who was being picked. The number one overall pick, which of course fell to the Jaguars again this year, was Georgia edge rusher - Travon Walker.

I guess they were making up for releasing Myles Jack with back-to-back defensive picks, because the Jaguars traded up to the 27th pick for Utah linebacker - Devin Lloyd. In order to secure Lloyd, the Jaguars traded the number 33, 106 and 180 picks to Tampa Bay.

I'm a huge Jaguars fan, and while I would've liked to see some offensive linemen picked, I'm not mad about it. I just want to see Trevor Lawrence have enough time to throw the ball to Christian Kirk, former wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals that was signed in free agency earlier this year. I guess we'll see soon, but the Jaguars don't have another pick until the third round after the trades made last evening.

More details about the Jaguars selection in round one of the draft can be found on News4Jax.

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