Dan Smyers & Wife Abby Reveal Their Dog Passed Away After Cancer Battle

Dan + Shay's Dan Smyers and his wife Abby are heartbroken as they have lost the 16-year-old dog, Missy, they adopted earlier this year.

In a pair of lengthy, emotional messages on social media, they explained that "sweet missy/tiny/little" had passed away after a battle with terminal cancer. The couple revealed that they knew the dog had terminal cancer when they adopted her and their time together was limited, but are grateful she went peacefully. Smyers shared:

"Our hearts are broken to share the news that sweet missy/tiny/little one has passed away. We knew when we adopted her at age 16 with terminal cancer that our time together would be limited, but it’s still never easy saying goodbye to a loved one. She was safe in our arms as she left us peacefully, and for that we are grateful. Can’t say enough about the grace and patience of my superhero wife @abbysmyers for dedicating every waking minute to this sweet girl: from hand-feeding each meal, to giving her all the happy days in the sun. And our dogs Joy, Chief, Ghost, and Mac for welcoming her into the pack with open paws. Missy, we love you and you’ll always hold a special place in our hearts. May all your days be sunny, and your little tail never stop wagging. And to all of you who have so kindly followed her story, thank you. someone once said, 'Dogs lives are too short. Their only fault, really.' Truer words have never been spoken."

Abby added in her own note, "We are still processing and honestly have taken this a lot harder than I think either of us could have imagined. We knew ultimately this would be the outcome, sooner rather than later, given her age and overall health but the rapidness of her decline has left us both a little rattled. We held her as she left and she left peacefully and safe. I know that she knew she was loved and I’m so grateful to have given her a few months of a truly charmed life. I have no regrets in our choice to adopt a hospice dog and I will cherish our time together, it was so much longer than we ever could have thought in the beginning. The hardest part right now is the day to day, caring for her was a major part of my life the last few months and I miss it a lot and mostly her sweet, tiny, crooked smile. Thank you to everyone who loved and rooted for her along with us. I know she touched so many.@dansmyers has been the greatest partner through this. He has handled a lot of the bad things when I couldn’t muster the strength, even though he has been hit with grief just as much as me. I’m very grateful to him for so many reasons that I don’t need to list here, he knows but show him love if you will."

Photo: Getty Images