Sophie Turner Reveals Why She Was Crying On Joe Jonas's Birthday

It's been a busy week for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. The lovebirds were spotted poolside in Miami earlier in the week, but were back in New York City on Wednesday (Aug. 15) to celebrate Joe's 29th birthday. They were spotted walking around the city, hand in hand, rocking matching LAVAL utility bags. Nothing says "I love you" like coordinating your cross body fanny packs, am I right?

Their day out took a turn, though, when Sophie was spotted crying and being comforted by her fiancé. TMZ described the teary moment as "a mini-crisis," but Sophie would like to be excused from that narrative. She took to Twitter to clear up the rumors and reveal what was actually going down. "Lol. Thank god I have a loving fiancé. Periods are a b***h." 


Sophie's tweet quickly went viral, receiving myriad responses to her explanation. Unfortunately, some people were less than understanding about Sophie's situation. One user replied, “Are you telling you that you start crying till your face is burnin’ red bc you have ur period? Even when you know paparazzis are behind you? Next joke please.” Turner quickly clapped back, “Girl…. you’ve never had cramps?”

Others tried to belittle Sophie's pain, with one person writing, "As a 64 year old woman, words of your period because PMS is a walk in the park compared to menopause." All pain is different, so, it's definitely not fair to compare one to the other. Many women also suffer from serious conditions related to their periods, such as Endometriosis or Polycistic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It's important not to assume you know what's going on in somebody else's private life. And even if Sophie doesn't suffer from either of those conditions, cramps can still be debilitating. 

Many people on Twitter could relate to Sophie's explanation, of course. Plan International UK, a girl's rights charity, recently released the findings of a study that examined the extent of the taboo surrounding periods, as well what effects that taboo has a young women. “As a society we obsessively...belittle and silence menstruation; we need to address the impact this is having on girls," Tanya Barron, Plan International’s chief executive, told The Independent. “We know that pervading cultural taboos and lack of education around periods can have a damaging impact on the lives of girls...across the world, exposing them to discrimination and preventing them from fulfilling their potential.”

So, to summarize, In the iconic words of Sophie Turner...periods are a b***h.


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