97.9 KISS FM invites you to meet HAYLEY KIYOKO

Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Director. KISS FM is bringing Hayley Kiyoko to Jacksonville. It’s another exclusive event for KISS listeners. Hayley’s new album comes out on the 30th, but you get to hear it first – and Hayley’s gonna play it for you!  Everyone 21 and up is welcome at Root Down in 5 Points – and you don’t need tickets! Pack out the bar, drink some wine, and chill with Hayley Kiyoko. You got somethin’ cooler to do on a Tuesday night? Join Hayley Kiyoko at Root Down in 5 Points, this Tuesday night at 7 with 97.9 KISS FM!

97.9 KISS FM · Elvis Duran & All the Hits!

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