‘These Hands are Woman’ Art Show and Film Release: Human Trafficking


‘These Hands are Woman’ Art Show and Film Release

Thursday, December 7, 2017, 6-9PM

Location: Parlor Room, 300 San Marco Ave, Saint Augustine, FL

Admission: Donation at door

Join us in celebrating Vision for Empowerment's second art exhibition, including photography by

St. Augustine photographer, Sarah Annay, mixed-media art by designer, Jamie Galley, and a

short-film by Aslyn Baringer Productions.

Vision for Empowerment is a series of photography workshops which is a project of Her Future Coalition, a St. Augustine-based non-profit empowering survivors of human trafficking and vulnerable women and girls worldwide. This how incorporates photographs taken by the participants in the photo workshops and shares the importance of women using their hands and creating art to share stories—here and abroad.

The exhibition is hosted by The Parlor Room, one of St. Augustine’s newest event venues, on

December 7, 2017 from 6-9pm.

The Vision for Empowerment workshops were first offered in 2015 and this is our third-annual

event. The next workshop series will be offered in January 2018, and all money raised at this

event will go toward the project. The young women in the workshop include survivors of

trafficking and other forms of gender violence and this project provides art therapy, teaches

vocational skills, and gives women an opportunity to share their visual narrative with the world

through photography. This exhibition will give attendees the chance to step into the streets of

Calcutta and experience life through the eyes of these women.

In 2017, Aslyn Baringer, a filmmaker in St. Augustine, joined Sarah Annay and filmed the

workshops for two weeks. She will share the journey of the girls and Sarah’s experience

teaching photography across cultural and language barriers. Her film will be featured in the

exhibition and there will also be a Q & A with all three artists.

Jamie Galley, the third featured artist, is the owner of ‘Just Make Things’, and specializes in

design, branding and mixed-media art. Her pieces for this exhibition incorporate Sarah Annay’s

photographs and words from her journals while abroad.

‘These Hands are Woman’ proves that art can bridge the gap between cultures—and in times

like these, we must create.


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