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Have More Productive Meetings Using Amazon’s “Pizza Rule”

We’ve all spent enough time in meetings at work to know how much of a waste of time they can be. But we can’t always avoid them altogether, so knowing how to make them as efficient as possible is key.

As CEO of Amazon and owner of “The Washington Post,” Jeff Bezos is an extremely busy man. And he knows a little bit about how to manage meetings. One rule he's known for following helps minimize the monotony of meetings – he calls it the “two pizza rule.”

It’s pretty simple: don’t have more people in a room than you could feed with two full-size pizzas. And it makes sense because the more people you pack into a meeting, the less productive it becomes. So if two pizzas couldn’t feed the whole group, cut the attendees down so you can get more done. Because if you have to be stuck in another meeting, you at least want to accomplish something in there.

Source: Stylist

The World Is Buying Less Beer

Believe it or not, people are drinking less beer these days across the globe. Worldwide alcohol sales fell 1.3% last year and beer was down 1.8%, according to data from International Wine and Spirits Research.

On the flip side, spirits sales were up 2.25% and wine was up 2.2%. All those rosé all day drinkers must help with that. Mixed drinks are gaining popularity again, sales were up slightly for the first time in five years. Cider sales grew a bit, but were down from the 7% average growth they’d had in previous years.

So why are people opting for other libations instead of good old brew? ISWR says the beer drop is mostly because of weakness in China, the world’s largest beer market by volume. Sales there fell 4.2% and they were down in other big countries like Brazil and Russia as well.

But ISWR finds that for drinkers, it’s becoming more about quality than quantity. “There is a clear and sustained trend of consumers drinking better— not more.” And since moderation is key, looks like we’re making better choices there.

Source: Fox News

Today is Donald Duck's Birthday

June 9th is Donald Duck's Birthday! Yes, he’s an animated character, but that doesn’t mean he gets gipped. So how does June 9th factor in? It was June 9th, 1934 that he debuted in the Silly Symphony cartoon, "The Wise Little Hen."

Today is National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

June 9th is National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day! What a perfect excuse to snack on this dessert!

This treat became popular in the early 1800’s. Benjamin Franklin was the man responsible for introducing rhubarb, which many people then called “pie plant.” After 30 years of rhubarb it being popular on the East Coast, someone thought to combine it with strawberry and put it in a pie-and what a great idea that was!

Did you know that rhubarb is a vegetable? That means that while you eat dessert, you also to get some of your daily fruits and vegetables. Delicious and nutricious! How great is that? Whether you bake it or buy it, make sure you enjoy some strawberry rhubarb pie today!

10 Dating Terms You Should Know

Dating these days is a totally different game than it once was. There are apps and websites and ways of meeting people that we couldn’t have even imagined several years ago. And with a new dating culture comes a new set of words for stuff. Here are the dating terms you should have in your dictionary:

  • Cushioning - This means keeping other options around in case your main boo doesn’t work out. Yikes!
  • Layby - Putting someone “on layby” means you think they’re attractive but they’re too young for you.
  • Tuning - This just means the work that goes into dating someone before the relationship begins.
  • Breadcrumbs - Flirty texts that you might send to more than one person.
  • Dicksand - The word for an emotional attachment to your man’s mini me. Usually because the sex is good.
  • DTR - Defining The Relationship. We’ve all had to have the DTR talk.
  • Throuple - If your threesome starts happening regularly, you may be involved in a throuple.
  • Catch and Release - Dating apps have made this easier than ever. Hook up with them, and then throw them back.
  • Haunting - When someone who’s ghosted you comes back to haunt you.

 Now you can decipher all of those dating term texts you get over Bumble! It’s about time someone spelled all this stuff out.

 Source: Phoenix New Times

Men & Women Both Happy With Dad Bods

Men out there, it looks like you don’t have to worry about hitting the gym to get a six-pack. A new survey finds that not only are women totally okay with dad bods, but men with them are happier in life.

A poll by Planet Fitness finds that 69% of women say they find dad bods attractive, with that number going up to 74% for moms. What’s more, 78% of women feel men with dad bods are more confident, while 47% of women think dad bods are the new six-pack, and 83% of mothers would feel proud of their man if they had a dad bod.

Meanwhile, it sounds like men aren’t exactly stressing about their dad bod. Apparently, 80% of men with one say they are content with their overall life, while 92% are satisfied with their marriage and 61% say their dad bod gives them a sense of pride. Plus they aren’t embarrassed by their bodies, with 60% saying they don’t feel judged by their dad bod.

Source: Yahoo Finance

June Is “The” Month For A One Night Stand-If you want a casual hookup, this is the month to go for it.

The love guru’s at OKCupid released a report that shows this is the hottest month for one night stands, with April and May close behind. We’re talking 33% more people looking for a quick hit. While no one’s sure why this is, here are some possible ideas:

  • We wear less clothes.
  • We’re more willing to hang outside.
  • We travel more.
  • We get more sun exposure which makes us happier. 

Regardless, you’re burning daylight! Get to the romancing. Source: New York Post

Florida Man Calls 911 To Get a Ride To Hooters

A Florida man wanted to go to Hooters so badly that authorities say he told 911 dispatchers he needed a ride to the restaurant because his grandmother had just suffered a stroke in the parking lot.

Instead, 28-year-old Jonathan Hinkle got a ride to the Brevard County Jail Tuesday night after deputies searched for three hours for his grandmother. When they finally found her at another location, she said she hasn't had a stroke or asked anyone for help.

News outlets say Hinkle told the dispatcher he'd pay responders to take him to the Hooters on Florida's Atlantic coast.

Hinkle was arrested on charges of misusing 911. He was released on bond Wednesday night and records don't list an attorney for him.

Link: https://www.yahoo.com/news/911-call-ride-hooters-ended-trip-florida-jail-121137011.html

The Craziest Rules And Punishments Parents Have Had For Children

There are always going to be parents who expect children to abide by certain rules, but some are certainly more strict than others, and in some cases those strict parents can take things to an extreme.

Well, a new Reddit thread asked folks, “What was the craziest rule or punishment you had to deal with?” and some of the answers were downright scary. In fact, one kid admitted his parents grounded him for two years for something most parents would praise their kids for.

Among the confessions:

  • “My parents once grounded me for 2 years for getting a B on my report card. Took everything out of my room besides the bed, and I wasn't allowed to do anything with friends.”
  • “My dad wouldn't let me use straws because he said it could cut through my tongue or cheek like a hole punch.”
  • "My brother and I were grounded from watching TV for a year because a friend had 'left our shed messy.'"
  • One user was banned from using public toilets out of fear of “STDs and rapists,” which caused problems later in life, explaining, “I quite honestly had accidents when I was far too old to do so because my parents had my teachers reporting bathroom use to them too. There was no place I could safely use the restroom other than home without getting into trouble.”
  • “The word ‘disgusting’ was banned and could have been considered just as bad as saying ‘f**k.’”
  • “We weren’t allowed to close doors unless we were in the bathroom.”
  • “My mom grounded me from electricity when I got suspended and bought and oil lamp for me to use when doing homework in my room.”
  • “No talking at the dinner table other than the occasional "Do you want some (more) of ___ or please pass the ___. We could not talk about anything at all. No small/idle chat was allowed. First time you did it, you got yelled at. Second time was a whooping and then sent to your room, until the next day, without the rest of your meal.”
  • “No TV. Not as a punishment. Just no TV, ever. Because apparently it lets the devil in. The second I, as the last kid, moved out, they started watching TV all the time.”
  • “If you slammed/locked a door, my stepdad would take your bedroom door off the hinges, removing your ‘bedroom door privileges.’"
  • “I couldn't drink water from my bathroom…Mom got suspicious when I'd leave to my bathroom for a few seconds every few minutes. Idk what she possibly thought I was doing but no more bathroom water and I had to drink lukewarm peasant water like the rest of my family.”

Source: Reddit

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