TBT: They Accidentally Played Linkin Park Instead of the Malta National Anthem

Back in September of 2017, the sound workers at a soccer match featuring Malta vs. Slovakia were preparing to play the Malta national anthem. Something went a little bit wrong, though...

Numb was one of the singles that shot Linkin Park into international superstardom in the early 2000's, so it's no surprise that just about everybody could recognize the song by just the first three notes!

The look on the players' faces as they almost instantly understand what just happened says pretty much everything.

If you're wondering, the track they played by accident was almost certainly the original version of Numb, rather than the mash-up Numb/Encore from Linkin Park's Collision Course collaboration with Jay-Z. You can tell because the first note of Numb/Encore repeats several times, whereas it only plays once here.

Just in case you've got a hankering now:

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