Man Gets Romper, Decides to Show It Off

Twangy YouTube personality Ginger Billy saw the male romper craze storming its way around the internet earlier this month. Rather than immediately judge the idea (as so many have already done), he decided that he was going to find a romper, put it on, and give it a good old college try.

After feeling out the experience, he decided that he wanted to tell all of 'MURICA (and YouTube) about the outfit!

Some great pro's of wearing a romper, according to Ginger Billy:

  • It's like a swiss army knife of clothing!
  • It vents out your giblets down there - they feel very aerated
  • They can have very deep pockets, great for carrying lots of goodies, just like cargo pants
  • You can even fit a magazine for an AR-15 in those pockets
  • The sleeveless feature provides extra cooling

Do with that information what you will!

Plus, here's another endorsement from some dude commenting on Reddit:

"As someone who wears coveralls at work, shoulder supported clothing should make a comeback for men. With this romper you can bend over and fix all the sink traps in the world without exposing any plumber crack. The romper is designed to accentuate a healthy set of deltoids without making the wearer become stereotyped as a wife beater. Use he pattern print as camo when hunting in fields of flowers, no more scratchy bug infested hides for this muchacho."

Whether you're the kind of guy who would wear the crap out of a nice, breathable shorts-suit or would never be caught dead in one, there's a fun and important lesson here: don't knock it 'til you try it!

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