WATCH: This Guy Reveals His Foolproof Hiding Trick

The video is titled "How to Escape the Cops," but this guy's hiding trick carries over for just about any situation where you don't want to be found.

One thing's for sure, if he disappeared around a corner and then pulled this move, we would absolutely lose him. Might as well have an invisibility cloak.

Watch the reveal:

Basically, he has a collapsed tube of silver fabric, a lot like what you find in air conditioning and other boring industrial machinery. He then races to the wall, drops the tube over his head, and holds the top of the tube against the wall. 

In a matter of about 3 seconds, he transforms from a man running away into a nondescript piece of the scenery.

Now, obviously something like this wouldn't work in a lot of scenarios. Firstly, you need to already have that silver tubing in hand. Secondly, if someone were really sleuthing out an area, they could probably figure out that "your" location doesn't actually make sense or connect to anything on the inside of the building. Thirdly, you really can't see out of your hiding spot to find out if it's safe to flee. And fourthly, this hiding trick wouldn't be very convincing in a non-industrial area, like out in the woods or a park or rural area.

It's still pretty darn clever, though.

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