This Weird "Sea Bacon" Critter Will Gross You Out in the Freakiest Way

These strange bacon-looking sea creatures were caught on camera writhing around on the ground.

Their gooey, squirmy bodies are enough to make you uncomfortable as it is, but then one of them spits out a freaky string of white goop with tendrils branching out like lightning.

According to commenters on Reddit, these creatures are ribbon worms and the white goop is a part of the digestive tract which the worms shoot out to capture their prey.

Here's a passage from wikipedia about that white stuff that the worm spit out:

"The proboscis of the class Anopla exits from an orifice which is separate from the mouth, coils around the prey and immobilizes it by sticky, toxic secretions. The Anopla can attack as soon as they move into the range of the proboscis. Some Anopla have branched proboscises which can be described as "a mass of sticky spaghetti". The animal then draws its prey into its mouth."

So that's neat and upsetting at the same time.

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