Top 10 Things a Person with Cerebral Palsy Wishes People Knew

Author and YouTube personality Zach Anner was asked by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation to help spread awareness about the condition he lives with every day: cerebral palsy.

If for whatever reason you aren't able to watch the video right now (which we definitely recommend), here's the quick transcript of his list.

  1. I am not a dog
  2. It's pronounced səˈrēbrəl pôlzē, "seh-ree-brahl pahl-see"
  3. It's hard to make finger lists
  4. My legs are fine (the problem is in my brain)
  5. Having cerebral palsy doesn't make you inherently inspiring
  6. You can still have a great life
  7. We don't all know each other
  8. I might need help sometimes, but I'm just a normal person who needs help
  9. Cerebral palsy can be a tool for good
  10. Zach Anner doesn't know anything and you shouldn't assume that the things he says are true for all people with cerebral palsy in the world

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