Vehicle Tailgating Bicyclist Gets Instant Karma

A bicyclist was riding quickly down a street in a residential area at around 25 miles per hour. Hee reportedly noticed a vehicle riding dangerously close behind him in his rear-view mirror. 

Unfortunately, the tailgating is never actually seen in this video footage, as the bicyclist's helmet camera faces forward the entire time. However, the tailgating claim appears to be instantly corroborated when a nearby police officer pulls that vehicle over.

WARNING: This video contains some incidental use of profanity.

It's a little difficult to hear over all the extra noise on the street, but at 1:50 in the video you can hear a key exchange between the officer and the driver of the vehicle. It sounds like this:

Officer: Don't you think that was a little dangerous for him?

Driver: I don't care.

The bicyclist went on to talk at more length about his experience in that video. 

You can see his commentary here:

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