News Consultant Learns What "Furries" Are On Live TV

News Pundit Mika Brzezinski was on live television when she and her MSNBC news co-anchors reported on an incident at a "furry convention." Reportedly, the convention had been disrupted as an "intentional gas leak" hospitalized multiple patrons.

However, the report went a little south when the anchors got confused - it seems that they didn't understand what a "furry" was, or what happened at "furry conventions." 

That's not terribly surprising, when you consider that "furries" are a fairly specific subculture which don't often break into mainstream conversation or media.

As video footage from the incident played, Ms. Brzezinski started to understand the concept and totally lost her composure. She was giggling in bewilderment so hard that her co-anchor had to step in to continue reading the report.

For those of you who are still confused, the term "furries" refers to a subculture of people who enjoy dressing up in human-like animal costumes, which are usually made of fuzzy, "furry" material. 

The costumes can represent anything from houshold animals like dogs or cats to mythical creatures like unicorns or Pokémon. You can read more about it on the Furry Fandom wikipedia page.

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