$400 Juicer Does Nothing But Squeeze Bags of Juice Into Cups

A juicing machine by the company Juicero costs about $400 - and that's down from it's original price of $700. 

This high-end machine can supposedly squeeze freshly bagged fruits and veggies (which come in handy bags, also available for sale by Juicero) into your cup. It operates by applying massive amounts of pressure to the fruit bags, up to four tons of force.

Or maybe not.

You know those bags of fruit it squeezes? They're just full of juice. You can squeeze them by hand.

That's basically highway robbery, right?

From the article on bloomberg.com:

Juicero declined to comment. A person close to the company said Juicero is aware the packs can be squeezed by hand but that most people would prefer to use the machine because the process is more consistent and less messy.

Also, if you're wondering what it looks like inside the pouch (after all the juice has been squeezed out), here it is.

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