This Guy Covers Up Racist Tattoos for Free

Dave Cutlip is a tattoo artist whose parlor is becoming famous over the best kind of policy: generosity. He's willing to cover up tattoos with racist or gang-related themes, free of charge.

The fact of the matter is, sometimes people make bad choices. And, in the words of Mr. Cutlip's wife, "sometimes people change." 

Many people in this world will have to go through their lives bearing the shame of a hateful or dangerous message on their bodies because of poor decisions they made earlier in life. Mistakes like that affect not only the person who chose to wear the hateful tattoo, but also anyone else in the community who has to see it and cope with the underlying message. 

The Cutlips believe that "there is enough hate in this world," and so made the decision to do what little part they could to make the world, and their community, better. It's a generous service that pretty much everyone can appreciate!

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