Civilians Defend Speeder, Cop Shames Them ALL

When this highway patrol officer saw a vehicle speeding at as much as 30 km/hr over the posted limit down a residential street, you can bet that he moved into action and pulled that vehicle over to speak with the driver and consider writing a ticket. 

But then a civilian, seemingly a local resident who was playing out front with his children, decided to join the conversation. The civilian evidently objected to the ticket and tried telling the driver that everything was fine and he hadn't done anything that was actually wrong. 

The driver tried to corroborate that argument, pointing out that he wasn't the only person who sped down this road and that, as speeders go, he had been only a minor offender. The implication was that the officer ought to spend his time and energy apprehending someone whose offense was more important or severe.

The patrol officer, witnessing this, had to disagree. For him, the priority was helping to ensure that people, especially young children who might dart out into the street at a moments notice, weren't injured by an unfortunate accident. It's hard to imagine why anyone else would feel otherwise.

He went full on I'm-disappointed-in-you dad mode on every last one of them. 

Watch the full report with audio below:

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