Mom Found This Letter About Her Son Left on the Door Step, You Won't Believe What It Says

Reddit user /u/godsafraud shared a photo online, explaining that his friend found the letter depicted in the photo. Reportedly, the redditor's friend, who has children living at home with her, found the letter left on her door step addressed to her husband. 

The contents of the letter are at least a little bit flustering...

For those who may be having trouble reading the letter's handwriting, here is a transcript of what it says.

"It has come to our attention that this situation is getting out of hand. In light of a myriad of complications, we must ask you to relinquish your control of the boy. We've been monitoring him for a while, and his aura has recently been spiraling out of control. We must insist that you allow us to take this case into our own hands. We have great plans for him. It is important to us that we keep him stable during this period. Your help thus far as been much appreciated, but we have already assigned him the epitome of our forces. I assure you he'll be well taken care of. I hope you'll understand."

~ Caelum

Some commenters on the sharing community have suggested that the boy's mother might want to take precautions. Even if the letter is really just a prank, any suggestion that someone may be interested in taking your child away from you against your wishes can understandably illicit some concern. 

User vne2000 suggested that the mother may wish to notify the authorities.

"Call the cops and put a tracking device on you child."

Another user, ParameciaAntic, suggested that the mother could even use the opportunity to entrap the person who might be interested in capturing her child.

"Here's your response:


This is a great idea. I have been concerned about this case myself. I will relinquish the boy to you tomorrow at 10am. Meet me at the (local mall).

Hopefully we can get this situation sorted out. Thank you for your help!


Then give the cops a copy too."

What would you do in this situation?

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