WATCH: Why You Should Never Fry Gnocchi

For those who don't know, gnocchi is a pasta-like dish made with soft, doughy little dumplings instead of long, skinny noodles.

Steve here decided that he had a craving for deep fried buffalo gnocchi, so he got all his pots and utensils, threw on an apron, and started making it happen. 

However, he quickly learned that there's a pretty good reason why he hasn't ever had deep-fried gnocchi before. Here's what happens when you try...

On the bright side, this guy's laughter is downright contagious!

By the way: there are ways to deep fry gnocci without this happening, they're just tricky and involve a bit of planning ahead.

Shout out to the folks of (an online restaurant supply company) who put this video together!

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