Model Exposes Her Side of the Story from Making a "Prank GONE SEXUAL" Video

A YouTube channel called Prank Invasion, run by a YouTuber named Chris, is notorious for producing videos described as pranks "GONE SEXUAL." This YouTube channel has been criticized for a wide variety of reasons since it first rose to success around 2012-2014. 

Generally, these "prank" videos follow a simple formula. The host, Chris, goes out on the streets with a camera team and a simple concept like "getting girls to kiss him in front of their boyfriends" or "getting girls to kiss him while he's pretending to be gay." The girls in these videos always agree, and those kisses always turn into extensive make-out sessions that involve at least a little bit of groping.

Two points that many critics draw attention two are:

  1. The events of the videos are hardly "pranks," as the host is simply asking girls to kiss him and then making out extensively on camera
  2. The events are completely staged; all of the girls being "pranked" with these kisses are hired actresses and models
  3. The videos have basically no content aside from being what many critics describe as "soft core porn" for kids and people who like watching strangers feel each other up in public

Recently, Prank Invasion published one of these videos where the host targeted supposed Muslim women (although none of the women seen in the video were actually Muslim).

One of the models hired for that video decided that she wanted to come forward and explain what her experience was while working with the producers of Prank Invasion. Here's what she had to say...

WARNING: This video contains profane language. Viewer discretion is advised.

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