People of Borat's Village React to How They Were Shown in the Movie

Do you remember that beginning scene of Borat, when he's in Kazakhstan and he introduces himself to the camera, then talks about his "family?" 

BBC Four went back to that village, full of very real people who were filmed by the Borat team, to try to ask them what they thought about the way their village was portrayed in the movie. Their reception seemed to be a little less than friendly...

After having seen this video, what do you think about the Borat movie and the team that filmed in Kazakhstan? 

Do you think the villagers in this video were overreacting, or do you think they were misunderstanding a video that was supposed to be an unrealistic comedy? 

Do you believe that the movie team misled the villagers about what kind of movie they were making, saying that it was going to be a documentary? 

Do you think it was fair to react to the BBC video team the way some of the villagers reacted? 

If you had been previously filmed by a foreign video team only to find out that they made a joke of your home town, how would you feel the next time a foreign video team came to visit you?

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