Guy Who Ended Street Fight By Calling Out Friends Receives Honors

Within the last few days, you probably caught the viral video going around that showed a man ending a fight in the streets by spilling a little wisdom and diplomacy

A couple of youths were taking swings at each other with their fists, and he walked up to put an end to the fight. Everything ground to a halt when he called out the behavior of their so-called friends, who all had their phones out to film the fight, smiling and laughing at the conflict, rather than doing anything to try to help their upset friends.

Man Breaks Up Street Fight by Calling Out Crappy Friends - Thumbnail Image

Man Breaks Up Street Fight by Calling Out Crappy Friends

Well, that man's name was Ibn Ali Miller, and his community recognized the value of his actions and the example he set in speaking to those young men in the video.

He was recognized with honors, and gave a tearful speech explaining how grateful he was to his mother for raising him to be a good man.

From the video description on YouTube:

A New Jersey man who interrupted a street fight between two teenagers in a video that has drawn millions of views and wide praise said Wednesday that he’s saddened that his act of peacemaking isn’t a more frequent occurrence.

"I’m crying because, this whole situation, it deeply saddens me,” Ibn Ali Miller said after being honored by Atlantic City’s council along with the boys. “It deeply saddens me, the fact that it’s unbelievable. This should be very believable, this should be a norm and this should be regular."

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