Man Breaks Up Street Fight by Calling Out Crappy Friends

Two young men were fighting in a circle of spectators on the street when an apparent stranger strode right up to the conflict and dispelled it with just a couple of words. 

He stepped in between the fighters and called out all the other people around them. The stranger pointed out what a poor friend you had to be to watch somebody in the middle of a fight, then decide to pull out a phone to film it while smiling and laughing. People hitting each other usually isn't a fun, funny, happy situation.

"You're upset and they're laughing."

He then goes on to lecture the group of younger people about taking a hard look at themselves. He reminds them that they're adults now and should move on from petty fights and immature, childish conflict resolution like fighting in the streets. He also reminds them to think about their parents, many of whom worked hard to make a decent life, and what those parents might think to see their kids out in the streets behaving in the way they were behaving.

Watch the glorious talk-down here:

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