Japanese People Learn the Meaning of the English Words on Their Clothing

You know how lots of english-speaking cultures will use asian written characters decoratively? You know, like getting your name written in Chinese calligraphy on a souvenir parasol, or like all of those jokes about people who got the word "love" or "courage" tattooed on their skin in Japanese only to find out later that their tattoos actually said "soup?"

Well, there are actually  very similar trends in Asia! It's not uncommon to see words written in the Latin alphabet - that is, A B C D E F G, et cetera - used decoratively on clothing in many Asian countries. It's also not uncommon for those English phrases to be kind of nonsensical - like if you put something into Google Translate and just used whatever came out.

In this video, someone who can read English finds people in Japan wearing English words decoratively and explains to them what their clothing actually says.

Watch their reactions:

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