Rude Uber Passenger Gives Driver Crap, Driver Snaps

Neither this Uber driver, nor his attempted passengers, had a good time that night. First, the driver arrived at his destination - although the girls later stated that it wasn't precisely the right place - and he waited for at least a couple of minutes before they showed up. He was actually in the act of canceling their ride over absence when the two young women arrived and slid into his back seat.

Next, one of the two women immediately started criticizing the driver. She told him that he hadn't been in the right place and that he needed to "figure it out" when he was up-front with them about having already canceled. He seems to tolerate her critical tone for a while, but when she just keeps persisting, you can see the frustration wash over his face as he exercises restraint.

Finally, he makes the decision that he doesn't want to humor the tone of the more impolite woman and says to them both, "Tell you what... get the **** out of my car."

It just gets weirder from there, as the more vocal girl refuses to exit his vehicle, even to the point that the police have to come handle the situation.

WARNING: This video contains lots of explicit language.

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