This One-Legged Sword Fighter Is Basically a Pirate In Real Life

Reece Nelson is a one-legged sword fighter. In this video, he spars with his buddy at a local fair while a crowd of engrossed visitors watch the action.

From the YouTube video description:

"The fights we do are in no way choreographed, we just get in there and screw around :D Our group the 'Yeomen of the Guard' all study Western Martial arts and do living history, educating people in the weapons, tactics and fighting techniques of the period. Enjoy!"

His moves are rad, and the way he moves with that sword makes him look like basically a pirate in real life. Or, if you prefer, the Black Knight.

People like this always remind us of how special it is to do the things you love, and enjoy whatever life you get to live. :)

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