Employee Stops Toddler from Hugging His Big Sister after Basketball Win

Little Jaylen, a toddler, had a tradition of hugging his big sister Sydney Levy after every basketball game she played. When Syd's team won their state championship, he was right there on the sidelines waiting to give his big sister a hug, just like always. 

One employee - reportedly the Executive Director of the school's athletic association -  wasn't going to have any of that, though.

You can read on the girl's lips that she even made a point to ask, "Can I hug him?" to clear up what the situation was.

Director of Communications for the athletic association, Todd Clark, said about the incident:

"For the safety of the players, coaches, media and spectators, as well as conducting the award ceremonies in a proficient and efficient manner, the WIAA does its best to keep spectators from entering onto the court at anytime. We encourage players, their families, classmates and others to celebrate and exchange their congratulations, as well as share their joy at the appropriate time after the ceremonies."

We're not really sure what they thought was going to happen. 

On one hand, we understand that it's a principle - enforcing rules equally for everyone makes for a fair environment, and eliminates gray area when it comes to situations that really could be unsafe. On the other hand... oh come on, the little guy just wanted to hug his big sister!

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