Biker Gets 6 Green Lights in a Row, Abuses Luck, Ends Badly

Have you ever heard the phrase "don't press your luck?" Well, this guy is a fantastic example of why. He gets several green lights in a row, and is very excited by his luck! That's understandable, after all. Who doesn't get a tiny thrill when you sail right through a long stretch of intersections?

The trouble starts when it begins to affect his driving behavior. In his excitement, he starts speeding down the road, weaving through other cars, and gets more and more reckless while trying to continue his stretch of traffic light luck.

It gets bad when he nearly clips a pedestrian on the crosswalk who has to rush out of the way. Even if that pedestrian shouldn't have been there, it's important to be going at a speed that allows you to react to unpredictable behavior around you.

It gets WORSE when, shortly thereafter, a bicycle cart pulled out on the road in front of him...

Again, even if you think that the cart was in the wrong for pulling out into traffic when it wasn't safe, both were certainly at fault. The motorcycle/moped driver was going far too fast for a busy city street with that many parked cars and pedestrians in the area.

They say, when driving, that you should always assume that everyone else on the road is either oblivious or trying to kill you...

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