This Man Has Been Inside His Car for 7 Years

Fanda is a regular guy in his forties. He likes soccer and beer, and he hasn't stepped out of his Mercedes in seven years.

He gets his car gassed up at full-service gas stations and has the employees bring him orders of food from inside. He has friends willing to wash his clothes for him, and sometimes they help him out with food as well.

He's employed as a messenger and delivery worker, so driving around all the time works out just fine in that part of his life.

But wait... this story isn't real! It's a fake documentary made several years ago. Were you tricked? It's very well-created.

From the user Wosel on Reddit:

"This is one of the first really solid hoaxes, or perhaps "mockumentaries", on the Czech internet.

Came out in 2008, before youtube was really a thing in the Czech Republic, so it was shown at a student film festival in Pisek and uploaded to, a Czech internet TV / YT competitor. Gained a lot of traction, went viral in the country and people were debating it, at least on the internet...

About a week later Janek Rubeš, then in a comedy duo called noisebrothers, published a video on where he was trying to debunk the whole thing, even spoke to the director, his classmate from film school and his professor, but did not really provide anything conclusive. Imagine the flamewar in the comments on that (Janek made the front page late last year with Honest Prague Guide and his video on Czech currency exchange scammers).

And about another week later, the "documentary" supposedly won a prize, it was revealed that the guy is actually an actor, and Janek was also in on the whole thing, including his "debunk" video. Also the award was fake..."

To be honest, it's a bit of a relief to know that the documentary wasn't real.

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