Guy Without Hands Demonstrates How He Puts Contacts In

John Lien Margetis is an amputee who lives without hands. Because of his condition, he's frequently asked how he accomplishes different daily tasks, particularly tasks which most people rely on the fine control in their fingers to accomplish.

He decided to make a video demonstrating how he puts contacts into his eyes! It's fascinating and impressive.

In the comments on his video share, Mr. Margetis shared a little more.

dubsjw: Awesome! Now I'm really curious to see how you get them out.

johnmarge: That's next on my list to record.

snbrd512: I had a buddy who was born without arms past the elbows. He drew really well, drove a stick and worked on cars, and was a damn fine drummer with the aid of duct tape. His nickname was stubs.

johnmarge: My nickname is nubbs.

breakyourbad: I'm curious, are you left handed?

johnmarge: I do identify as a lefty. And my brain lights up like a lefty during fMRI scans..

ChaseSanborn: How did you lose your hands?

johnmarge: Left them on a train headed to Narnia.

johnmarge: Actually, I was born without them.

ChaseSanborn: You said "As an amputee", I thought that meant they were amputated at some point

johnmarge: That brings up a good semantic point of discussion. When I was growing up, the doctors told me I had "congenital amputations." So I identified (and continue to identify) as a congenital amputee.

What a neat guy!

We hope to see more from him in the future.

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