Dude Is Furious When He Receives Refurbished Phone Like THIS

Ordering a new smartphone is a task most hope goes off without any trouble. For this guy, unfortunately, that hope did not come to fruition.

He ordered a refurbished Pixel from Google, supposedly paying out nearly $1,000 for the product. He was not pleased with what he received.

Firstly, the packaging it was delivered in make him nervous right off the bat. Though the phone was stored in a padded package, that package was inside of a very large and poorly-padded delivery box that allowed the phone to slide around and jar against the sides throughout its FedEx delivery process. If any delivery people had tossed the package around during transit, the phone wasn't very secure against those impacts.

Secondly, when he unpacked the phone to check it out, it was in terrible condition. Specifically, the screen was horribly malfunctioning. It was covered with broken spots, as if nearly 50% of the screen's pixels were completely unresponsive. The display was basically unusable.

Thirdly, this wasn't the first time something like this had happened to him.

According to the share on Reddit

"I opened it up, turned it on, said WTF and took pictures, and put it back together to show you all after I saw the state of the phone. My last one came just like this and the speaker/mic doesn't work. And now this."

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