SCARY: Intense Fight Between Police and Suspect with Gun

In this video, a pair of police officers approach a car for what appears to be a traffic stop in a parking lot. They briefly discuss the smell of marijuana and the police officer soon asks the car's occupants to step out of their vehicle.

A young man gets out of the car from the driver's side and the officer, guiding the young man's hands behind his back, asks if the young man has "a gun on him or anything," to which the young man responds, "no, sir." 

Almost immediately afterwards, the young man suddenly bolts away from the police officer at a sprint. The officer tackles the fleeing man to the ground and attempts to subdue him, quickly joined by his the second police officer in the struggle.

Then it becomes clear that the young man does, in fact, have a gun. Not only is he armed, he is attempting to reach for his weapon while struggling against the officers.

Regardless of which party you may believe to be in the right in this scenario, the fight that ensues is stressful to watch, to say the least.

A Few Comments from the Web:

"You see s*** like this and the media tries to spin is to say why is excessive force necessary or how is it that someone can get choked to death. Sometimes people they encounter will literally have to be choked to the brink of death just to try and get control. Dude is lucky he didn't get shot, those cops are wonderful. I don't know if I'd be able to hold off using deadly force in that type of situation when my life is in eminent danger."

-- omni_wisdumb

"Military police here. The biggest reason [why the officer was open-palm slapping the young man] actually is because of how it looks to the public.

On video just punching someone in the face for a pain compliance technique is a bad look.

One technique gets you scrutinized pretty heavily, the other gets you a pat on the back."

-- Fight_Me_Mr_Tusk

"For the camera guy this is like any other Tuesday"

-- nonrorroo

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